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Farnborough International Airshow Recap

We were pleased to see many of our customers at this year’s event. Check out some photos and stats about the event’s success.

What Makes Drop Forgings So Tough?

Drop forging is a common way to manufacture a metal component. But what sets this method apart and makes drop forgings so incredibly strong and tough? There are two key reasons why the process creates such well-built products and is the go-to method for many manufacturers.

Canton Drop Forge is a World-Wide Leader of Closed Die Forgings

Canton Drop Forge is a leading developer and manufacturer of closed die forgings and drop forgings for high-performance applications. We blend well-established processes with modern methods to meet the forging needs of major corporations around the world and across several industries, including aerospace forgingsground transportation and locomotive forging, oilfield forging, power generation and more. Our products are engineered and tested by our in-house personnel to meet the most stringent performance criteria.

A Forging Company with Diverse Experience

The breadth of our capabilities and more than 100 years of experience continue to prepare us for future opportunities in markets around the world. Contact our forging experts to see how Canton Drop Forge can provide precise custom forging solutions for your industry’s unique needs.