Forging News from the Drop Forging Industry

Canton Drop Forge is one of the world's leading drop forging companies specializing in aerospace forgings, locomotive forgings, forgings for the transportation industry and more. Outside of manufacturing closed die forgings for high perrformance applications, we also strive to be a leader in our community and in the forging industry. Read more about our company and our latest news below


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Off Site Safety Day 2017

CDF employees refresh their commitment to safety policies and guidelines. Check out our 2017 off-site safety day.

Advancing Culture Safety Forging Industry

Canton Drop Forge is striving to improve the safety of the work environment for employees by working with the Ohio Burea of Workers Compensation and their grant program.

Water Tower Removal

Canton Drop Forge will be taking down the iconic water tower that has displayed the company logo for over 60 years.

John Fiddler of CDF and JS Safe Haven

Read about John Fiddler, a Canton Drop Forge Shop employee who operates the nonprofit JS Safe Haven.

CDF Monthly Manufacturing Review Meetings

Read more about Canton Drop Forge’s new Monthly Manufacturing Review Initiative started to improve overall safety, on-time delivery, and productivity.

Annual Company Picnic

Canton Drop Forge held its annual company picnic on June 11th, 2016.

Jack Keim Employee Spotlight

Check out our employee spotlight for Jack Keim. He’s a dedicated CDF employee and part-time paramedic.

Jackson High School Science Students Visit CDF

Jackson High School students visited Canton Drop Forge on April 27th to take a tour and learn about the forging process.

Kelsie Ahbe and Her Olympic Experience

Kelsie Ahbe shares her Olympic experience and dedication with Canton Drop Forge employees to show the ways that we can incorporate those values into our business model.

Tom Indorf’s Outreach to Veterans

Learn about longtime employee Tom Indorf and his commitment to reaching veterans.