The AS9100:2009 Certification

AS9100 is a widely accepted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry.  Major aerospace manufacturers and suppliers worldwide require compliance and/or registration to AS9100 as a condition of doing business with them.

Canton Drop Forge is currently certified to Revision C.  Among other things, Revision C addressed late delivery by some aerospace suppliers and included a greater emphasis on risk management.  CDF has a robust capacity planning system and risk management process.  Delivery performance is a core value at CDF.

Benefits of the AS9100

Overall the AS9100 was created to standardize all quality and managements aspect for the aerospace industry to ensure the introduction of high-quality products, and to encourage economic growth in the aerospace industry. Even though this certification is not mandatory, most companies require the AS9100 certification before they even consider a supplier.


The National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program, Nadcap, was established in 1990 by SAE International.  Nadcap’s membership is made up of “Prime Contractors” who work with aerospace industry accredited suppliers to develop industry-wide standard audit criteria for special processes and products. Through PRI, Nadcap provides independent certification of manufacturing processes for the industry.  PRI headquarters is located in Warrendale, Pennsylvania with branch offices for Nadcap located in London, Beijing, and Nagoya.

CDF is certified in heat treat, mag particle inspection, including its lab and testing processes for aerospace.

We, at Canton Drop Forge, are experts in the Aerospace Forging industry and are AS9100 and Nadcap certified.

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