Mechanical Power Transmission Forgings

Canton Drop Forge supplies gear blanks for locomotives, railroad passenger cars, and large agricultural equipment, as well as other industrial uses. In addition, the need to find alternative methods of energy has opened up new markets such as wind power. Canton Drop Forge provides large gear blanks for assembly into gearboxes that convert wind into electricity. Contact Canton Drop Forge today to discuss how our forging capabilities can serve you.


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Wind Power Forging Applications

Our custom forging solutions and forged power transmission components are manufactured to withstand heavy load and performance needs without compromising safety or dependability. Below are some examples of our forged gears for wind power.

Planet Gear

Material: 43B17
Weight: 1,238 Pounds
End Use: Wind Power

High Speed Gear

Material: 43B17
Weight: 1,735 Pounds
End Use: Wind Power