Forged Parts for Rail, Transit, and Locomotives

Canton Drop Forge produces forgings for ground transportation that are used in locomotive engines, traction motors, and undercarriage components for passenger and transit railcars. When strength, toughness, durability and cost-effective solutions are needed, Canton Drop Forge excels in providing both service and custom forgings for railway components. Contact us today to learn how we can help your custom forgings project for ground transportation. Below are some examples of our transportation forgings and their applications.


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Rail and Transit Car and Locomotive Engine Parts

Below are some of the most popular railway components that Canton Drop Forge has manufactured for the transportation industry. Our expert team of designers and engineers are committed to keeping your custom railway component project on time and within budget using state-of-the-art technology and rigorous testing and inspection.

Cross Bar

Material: 9840
Weight: 69 Pounds
End Use: Passenger Rail Car

Equalizer Beam

Material: 9840
Weight: 400 Pounds
End Use: Passenger Rail Car

Top Deck

Material: 1018
Weight: 511 Pounds
End Use: Locomotive Engine

Cylinder Head Retainer

Material: 1022
Weight: 209 Pounds
End Use: Locomotive Engine