Custom Forging Products For a Variety of Markets

Our forgings are used in critical applications where there is zero tolerance for failure. As a modern forging company, we specialize in manufacturing precise and durable forgings for different markets including Aerospace, Transportation, Off-Highway, and others. In this section, you can browse through the markets we serve and see a sampling of the products and forging solutions we provide for some of the world's leading manufacturers.


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Popular Forging Markets We Serve


Closed die forgings for the Aerospace industry for commercial and military aircraft. We create forgings for landing gear, engines, and rotors.

Mechanical Power

Forgings for locomotives, agricultural equipment, railroad passenger cars, and the wind power industry. Heavy duty forgings built for safety and dependability.


Closed die forging for ground transportation used in applications like locomotive engines and traction motors. Cost effective and built for strength.


Standard and custom forging for the oil field industry. Shafts, connecting rods, and valve bodies that are certified PED to withstand harsh conditions.

Off Highway

Experts in closed die forging for Off-Highway and Mining Industries. Forgings include hubs, equalizer bars, and sprockets for construction equipment.

Power Generation

CDF specializes in closed die forging of blades, vanes, shafts, and discs for the power generation industry and turbine engines up to 52" and 300lbs.

Pumps & Compressors

CDF creates connecting rods, discs, and shafts for pipelines across the world to support compressor and pump components.


Canton Drop Forge produces forged parts for the defense and military industry including domes, AFT rings, AFT closures, and nozzle bodies.