Aerospace Forging

Canton Drop Forge is a leading manufacturer of closed die aerospace forgings for commercial and military aircraft. End-use aerospace forgings applications include landing gear, engines, structural components, brakes and rotors components. Canton Drop Forge has the experience and expertise in closed die aerospace forgings that ensures the structural durability and high strength-to-weight ratio capabilities needed in a forged product for aerospace applications. Contact our experts today to talk about aerospace forgings and how we can get your project done quickly and to your specifications.


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Aerospace Forgings for Aircraft Applications

Canton Drop Forge is committed to helping you find the best aerospace forgings for your project. Below are some examples of parts we forge along with the material and end-use.

Turbine Disc

Material: Waspaloy
Weight: 53 Pounds
End Use: Aircraft Engine

NLG Cylinder Forging

Material: 300M
Weight: 600 Pounds
End Use: Aircraft Landing Gear

Tail Rotor Hub

Material: Titanium
Weight: 22 Pounds
End Use: Helicopter Rotary System

Torque Tube

Material: 17-22AS
Weight: 215 Pounds
End Use: Aircraft Braking System