Steam & Gas Power Plant Turbine Parts

Canton Drop Forge has a global presence in the power generation market with its manufacturing expertise of blades, vanes, shafts, and discs for medium to large steam and gas turbine engines. We have provided last-stage steam turbine blades up to 52" and weighing over 300 lbs for use in the nuclear power generation market. Contact us today to discuss the specifications of your power generation component and how we can provide you with forged products that meet your quality and lead time expectations.


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Gas and Steam Turbine Parts

Products below are examples of forged parts for steam, gas and land-based turbines. Canton Drop Forge specializes in custom forged blades for turbines. We understand that the power generation industry requires custom forgings that can withstand intense conditions. Our team of experts have the experience to help produce your turbine blade forgings or other custom forgings for power generation while ensuring strength and stability with rigorous inspection and testing.


Material: 4340 material
Weight: 40 lbs
End Use: Land Based Turbines

43" Bucket Blade

Material: 410 CB Airmelt
Weight: 135 lbs
End Use: Steam Turbine

Turbine Blade

Material: Jethete
Weight: 91 lbs
End Use: Steam Turbine


Material: 403 ESR
Weight: 40 lbs
End Use: Gas Turbine

Turbine Disc

Material: 410 Stainless
Size: 50#-300#
End Use: Gas Turbine