Forging Inspection & Forged Parts Testing

Canton Drop Forge specializes in manufacturing forged parts that are used in conditions where failure is not an option. To provide its customers with total quality assurance, these products undergo comprehensive dimensional and metallurgical examinations including metallographic, ultrasonic, magnetic and fluorescent particle inspection as required.


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Laser Scan

Canton Drop Forge laser scan

Canton Drop Forge utilizes advanced laser scanning equipment with accuracy to .002 of an inch to measure and compare parts to the surface model. This advanced technology allows us to carefully examine forged parts in half the time traditional inspection processes take, resulting in quicker lead times while still maintaining our high standards of quality and accuracy

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Magnetic Particle inspection canton drop forge

At Canton Drop Forge, we know that your forging has to meet high-quality standards in its performance. To ensure the reliability of your forging, we use a non-destructive testing process to determine surface and just below the surface discontinuities including cracks, laps and seams.

Our commitment to quality and standards are second to none in the forging industry. Contact Canton Drop Forge to talk about your part needs and how we can help you come in on-time and within budget.