Titanium, Aluminum & Steel Aerospace Forgings

Canton Drop Forge is involved in several segments of the aerospace market.  Forgings are typically supplied in the normalized and tempered condition, heat-treated in our Nadcap-approved furnaces and non-destructive tested by our certified technicians.  Forgings are made from aircraft quality re-melted steels including stainless and PH grades, 300M, AerMet 100, Pyrowear 53, and various titanium grades and superalloys.

Landing Gear

Canton Drop Forge manufactures landing gear for helicopters, business jets and commercial and military aircraft for a number of customers worldwide.  Parts range from a few 100#s up to over 2,000#s.

Torque Tubes

CDF is the US’s premier supplier of steel torque tubes used on braking systems on military and almost every domestic and international commercial aircraft.  CDF supplies heat treated and machined parts to customer requirements.

Structural Components

Canton Drop Forge makes flap tracks, engine mounts, actuators and servo cylinders for military and commercial applications.


CDF forges rotating parts including, hubs, pitch shafts and transmission gears for many commercial and military programs including R&D parts ultimately for the US military made from exotic materials.  Canton Drop Forge also supplies landing gears, swash plates and other critical components for helicopters.

Missiles, Guided Weapons and Ordnance

Canton Drop Forge supplies motor rocket casings and domes for missiles and bombs, including guided bombs.

Jet Engines

Canton Drop Forge has supplied forged components from titanium and nickel-based alloys for decades, including compressor and turbine discs and shafts.

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