Advancing a Culture of Safety in the Forging Industry

Safety Changes Made in our Forging Plant

Specifically, we implemented changes in three areas to help eliminate strains, sprains and minor burns by changing the lifting devices and controls. First, an overhead crane was retrofitted with a remote control to allow the operator to work at a safe distance while stacking dies. Second, a new crane system was installed to allow for easy articulation of parts instead of working against the natural momentum of the part. Third, a crane was motorized to prevent manually moving red-hot parts.

The Ohio BWC provided $15 million of grants to 680 Ohio employers for roughly 709 projects in 2015. They expect to repeat this funding in 2017. Grants up to $40,000 are offered, as long as the company provides 25% of the project cost.

Safety Crucial to Canton Drop Forge’s Culture

Safety is one of our core values where following safe procedures and taking zero chances is part of the everyday culture.



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