Custom Landing Gear Forging

In the aviation world, how you reach a destination is just as important as how you depart. That’s where steel forged landing gears come into play.


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Custom Landing Gear Forgings with Canton Drop Forge & Kropp Forge

Crucial for both landing and takeoff, landing gear is located in the undercarriage of an aircraft. When the aircraft is not flying, nose landing gear supports takeoff, landing and taxiing.

This important piece of aircraft manufacturing is made of high strength steel such as 300M and other alloys, such as Aermet 100, aluminum and titanium. Canton Drop Forge and its sister company, Kropp Forge, specialize in 300M and Aermet 100 up to 3,000#s.

If you’re searching for landing gear forgings or other custom parts for aerospace forging, look no further than Canton Drop Forge. We pride ourselves on our wide selection of products that are all tested and inspected to guarantee unmatched strength and quality. Contact us for your free quote today!