Forged Mining Parts and Components

Canton Drop Forge is a leader in manufacturing closed-die forged mining parts and components. We understand that mining parts and equipment need to be made with the highest quality materials and built with the durability to withstand constant use. Get the forged mining components you need for mining trucks, rope shovels, draw lines, and more. Contact us to get started on your custom forging project for mining parts and components.


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Forged Parts for Mining Applications

Below is a list of the popular mining parts and components that we forge to help keep your operation up and running. With our forged mining parts, you’ll get state-of-the-art engineering and design to meet your specifications. All of our forged mining components are put through intense testing and inspection to ensure the integrity of the forgings. If you don’t see the mining part that you need, please contact us.

Custom Forgings to Your Specifications

Canton Drop Forge is equipped to forge mining components for mining trucks, draw lines, & more.

Leading Engineering & Design

Our experts will help you complete your project successfully, on time, and within budget.