Impression Die Forging

Canton Drop Forge specializes in impression die forging for a variety of industries including aerospace, power generation, oilfield, and more. We offer custom forgings by combining years of experience, well-established processes and state-of-the-art technology that delivers you the best quality impression die forging possible. Our impression die forging process strengthens parts to withstand the harsh conditions they are expected to perform. Canton Drop Forge understands the importance of a well-forged part, so we put each forged part through rigorous testing and inspection that exceeds industry standards.


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Impression Die Forging Industries

Canton Drop Forge is proud to serve several industries with quality impression die forgings. Below are the popular industries that we forge for. If you do not see your industry, please contact us about your custom forging.


Impression die forgings for commercial aircraft intended for landing gear and engines.


CDF produces impression die forgings for the military including parts for missiles and defense systems.


CDF produces impression die forgings for passenger rail cars and train engines to stand up to high pressure conditions.

Oil Field

Custom impression die forgings for oil field applications including off-shore drilling and pump equipment.

Mechanical Power

Canton Drop Forge creates impression die forgings for wind power applications and agricultural equipment.


Canton Drop Forge specializes in making impression die forgings for earth moving equipment for the off-highway industry.

Pumps & Compressors

CDF supplies impression die forgings for compressor parts that fuel the oil and gas and pipeline industries.

Power Generation

CDF serves the power generation industry with custom impression die forgings for large steam and gas turbine engines.