Near Net Shaping

Canton Drop Forge is a full service Forge Shop, capable of Near Net Shape Forging of custom components to your specifications. We serve clients worldwide in a variety of high performance applications such as Aerospace, Power Generation, and Off Highway Equipment. Contact our experts today to see how our near net shape forging services can help your project be successful, on time, and within budget.


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Canton Drop Forge Offers Near Net Shape Forging for a Variety of Applications

We are trusted by businesses worldwide to provide top quality forged components used for high performance applications. Rigorous Inspection and Testing ensures your forged components will be safe and fully compliant. Near net shaping can be done to your custom specifications, and our expert engineers can work with your design to make sure you get the forged components you need.

Forging Expertise with Many Alloys and Metals

Canton Drop Forge is capable of near net shaping using carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, titanium and high-temperature alloys.

Expert Engineering & Design

Our industry experts will provide you the assistance you need so that your project is completed on time and within budget.