Metal Forging for Shipbuilding

Canton Drop Forge has the capabilities to forge shipbuilding components such as shafts, gears, hubs, and couplings in a variety of metals and alloys. Our forging hammers and equipment can produce custom forged parts both large and small from carbon and alloy steels. Near net shape forging to your exact specifications guarantees your shipbuilding components will be fully compliant. Contact us today to see how our services can help your forging project.


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Closed Die Forging Capabilities for the Shipbuilding Industry

Our closed-die forging is done in a fully equipped, world class forge shop in Canton, Ohio. We’re capable of heat treatment as well as complete die sinking using precision in-house machining. Canton Drop Forge is proud to offer industry leading forging services for businesses worldwide and will produce reliable closed-die forgings for your high-performance applications.

Shipbuilding Components in a Variety of Metals & Alloys

Shipbuilding parts include shafts, gears, hubs, and couplings in carbon and alloy steels. Our engineering and design will minimize time and resource waste.

On Time Product Shipment Keeps You Within Your Budget

Our 241,000 square foot forging facility contains 13 forging hammers and heavy duty equipment that can accomplish jobs efficiently.