What is the Power Forge Process?

Forging is a manufacturing process that results in the shaping of metal by using calculated force. Forging is executed with a power hammer or a die during the shaping process to produce the intended design of the forged metal object. Forging also has multiple classifications, identified according to the temperature at which the forging process is being performed. This includes cold forging or hot forging, each offering its own distinct advantages. Forged parts could range in size from less than a kilogram to hundreds of metric tons and be customized to fit any shape or size desired.

What Is The Difference Between Cold and Hot Forging?

Cold forging is a forging process that is performed at room temperature. To deliver a finished product, this process includes rolling, drawing, pressing, spinning, extruding and heading. The benefits of cold forging include the fact that cold forged parts require very little finishing work which helps save on production costs. Hot forging, meanwhile, is performed at extremely high temperatures–up to 1,150 degrees Celsius. The benefits of hot forging include the metal being more flexible and easier to work with than cold forging, allowing more customized parts to be manufactured due to this malleability.

What Is Drop Forging?

Drop forging refers to a method of closed die drop forging where a heated steel billet is placed on a lower die mold block. While overhead, the die-equipped ram hammer drives down, or drops down, forcing the metal to fill the contours of the two die blocks. Drop forging gets its name from that action of the ram hammer dropping down on the metal object that is being forged. The reason manufacturers use the drop forging process is to produce products that need to be especially strong and durable.

Evolution of Forging

Forging as a practice has lasted throughout the test of time. It first began with people creating hand tools or weapons out of pieces of metal over a campfire. Forging continued to evolve from there to become the machine driven industry that it is today. At Canton Drop Forge, our forgings are used in critical applications where there is zero tolerance for failure. As a modern forging company, we specialize in manufacturing precise and durable forgings for different markets including Aerospace, Transportation, Off-Highway and others.

Most Popular Forging Applications

  • Aerospace Forging
  • Mechanical Power Forging
  • Transportation Forging
  • Oilfield Forging
  • Off Highway Forging
  • Power Generation Forging
  • Pumps & Compressors Forging
  • Defense Forging

Canton Drop Forge’s Diverse Forging Experience

The breadth of our capabilities and more than 100 years of experience continue to prepare us for future opportunities in markets around the world. Contact our forging experts to see how Canton Drop Forge can provide precise custom forging solutions for your industry’s unique needs.


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