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New Employee Safety Point System

With the implementation of our new Safety Point Reward System, CDF employees have the chance to earn gift cards and company branded gifts for adhering to safety guidelines.

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Posted at 3:47 pm on May 23, 2017

Off Site Safety Day 2017

CDF employees refresh their commitment to safety policies and guidelines. Check out our 2017 off-site safety day.

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Posted at 7:07 pm on April 19, 2017

Advancing Culture Safety Forging Industry

Canton Drop Forge is striving to improve the safety of the work environment for employees by working with the Ohio Burea of Workers Compensation and their grant program.

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Posted at 2:23 pm on February 3, 2017

Water Tower Removal

Canton Drop Forge will be taking down the iconic water tower that has displayed the company logo for over 60 years.

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