Nuclear Components Forging

Canton Drop Forge offers Closed-Die Forgings for high performance applications such as Nuclear Power. Our professional forging capabilities ensure your forged components will be 100% compliant in an industry where strict safety regulations are essential. Nuclear forging components can be custom made to meet your specifications. Our team of experts will work to find you the best materials, design, and process to make your custom forged nuclear component. Contact us today to discuss how our capabilities can serve your forging project.


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Forging for Heavy Manufacturing Applications such as Nuclear Forging

Our expert engineering and design, coupled with our world-class forging hammers and equipment, ensure your project is set up for success. Our engineers will help you save long term cost and prevent material waste. The strength and stability of your forged nuclear components are ensured through rigorous inspection and testing. Canton Drop Forge offers inconel forging for nuclear components and parts.

Inconel Forging for Nuclear Components

Inconel End Rings
Nuclear Component Parts
Full Compliance Guaranteed

Heavy Manufacturing

Reactor Manufacturing
Forging Hammer Capabilities for Carbon Alloy, Stainless Steel, Titanium, & High Temperature Alloys
1200 Ton Hydraulic Press