Custom Turbine Disc Solutions for Wind, Gas & Power Generating Turbines

Electrical power can be generated in many different ways, most involving the use of a turbine. Whether it's a gas, wind or solar turbine, parts will be required to keep it running properly. One such part is the turbine disc, or turbine hub, which contains the blades that draw in energy. If turbine discs malfunction, it can spell trouble for the entire power generation system.


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Custom Turbine Discs And Other Power Generation Industry Forgings

The right steps must be taken to avoid the issues that often plague turbine discs, like excessive vibration. However, it differs with the type of turbine — a wind turbine and a gas turbine have completely different operating conditions, for instance. This is why a custom turbine disc solution is often the best way to keep the power flowing.

Luckily, we have the power. Canton Drop Forge can craft completely customized turbine disc solutions for the power generation industry.

If you need a turbine disc or other custom-forged parts for power generation, don’t hesitate to contact Canton Drop Forge. Our experts will work with your exact specifications to build the perfect turbine parts for you — all tested and inspected to verify the utmost strength and quality. Reach out to us for a quote today!