Canton Drop Forge is Proud to Announce Partnership with Kropp Forge

Canton Drop Forge is proud to announce a partnership with Kropp Forge. We are excited to be working together on certain projects and with select customers moving forward. Kropp Forge is owned by Park-Ohio Industries in Cleveland, OH and located in Cicero, IL. Canton Drop Forge is a forging company with diverse experience. The breadth of our capabilities and more than 100 years of experience continue to prepare us for future opportunities in markets around the world. Teaming with Kropp Forge on select projects will only further that growth for our company and our customers.

About Kropp Forge

The manufacturing ability of Kropp Forge is unique. Their complete in-house approach to meeting the individual needs of each customer allows Kropp Forge to produce both standard and specialized forgings that adhere to strict design requirements. From blueprint to finished product, Kropp’s staff works directly with each customer. This one-on-one dialogue has resulted in many technological advances. It also ensures on-time delivery of orders that are “right the first time.”

About Canton Drop Forge

Canton Drop Forge is a leading developer and manufacturer of closed die forgings and drop forgings for high-performance applications. We blend well-established processes with modern methods to meet the forging needs of major corporations around the world and across several industries, including aerospace forgings, ground transportation and locomotive forging, oilfield forging, power generation and more. Our products are engineered and tested by our in-house personnel to meet the most stringent performance criteria.

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