Canton Drop Forge’s Expert Supply Chain Management

Canton Drop Forge, CDF, can manage your forging and CNC machining needs with its Supply Chain Management, SCM, expertise and system.  Our ability to help plan and manage your product needs will help you add and create value by building a competitive infrastructure, leveraging worldwide logistics and help you synchronize supply with demand globally.

CDF’s supply chain management capabilities include a broad range of activities for planning, controlling and executing product flow from raw materials to forging and rough and final CNC machining.  With CDF’s SCM capabilities, we can integrate planning and execution to optimize the flow of materials and information to include demand planning, sourcing, production, and inventory management and logistics including storage and transportation.

CDF recently installed a complete, integrated SCM system for a large aerospace customer that helps plan their business and manage and maintain raw material and finished goods inventory with trigger points for inventory replenishment.  In addition, CDF manages the customer’s machining and final heat treating so that the customer can pull inventory for final assembly.  In this way, the customer has reduced inventory and freed-up important factory space for other needs. 


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