Advantages of Forging Simulation

Forging simulation is an essential part of the forging process for both the client and the forging company. Simulation can include the design of the die, raw material needed, size and shape, temperature, equipment, and several other factors. This process helps identify possible problems before a project starts including inaccurate temperatures for material, unexpected material costs, and stress issues. Simulating a custom forged part before the start of a project has several advantages compared to starting without simulating.

Project Completion

Before the onset of a project, forging simulations will help determine the cost, a timeline, and most importantly, whether or not the forging company can design a part. One of the most important and obvious questions asked before the forging process is “Can you forge my part?” It’s a question that needs answering before forging can begin to avoid project timeline issues and ultimate failure of a custom forged part.

Simulating the forging of a client’s part will allow a forging company to determine if they have the right equipment, time, and material to accurately complete the project. Without simulation, the forging process could be several weeks into production before determining that a project a will fail.

Cost Effective

Creating a forging simulation before the start of a project will help reduce the cost of material due to inaccurate specs. A more accurate amount of material can be ordered, still leaving room for marginal mistakes and reducing the overall cost of the project for the client. This means a most accurate quote possible for the entire project cost, factoring in any surprises they may arise.

Reduces Production Time

In addition to being cost effective, forging simulation can help get custom forged parts into the hands of clients quicker. Simulation allows for the forging company to factor in possible failures of a part including material stresses. This can be accounted for ahead of time, ensuring that the project timeline stays on a tight and efficient schedule and even completes earlier than expected.

Canton Drop Forge uses state-of-the-art technology in addition to blueprints, outlines, and sketches to create a simulation of parts to our client’s exact specifications. Our team of experts can accurately and efficiently determine time and cost of projects to ensure limited material waste, minimal machining, and stock allowance. Contact us today to get started on your custom forged project today.


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