Héroux-Devtek Inc. Deems Canton Drop Forge Key Supplier in On-Time First Delivery of F-18 Project

We’re honored to announce Canton Drop Forge has been recognized by our customer Héroux-Devtek Inc. for our on-time, first delivery of F-18 Super Hornet main landing gear to Boeing in 2020. A multirole fighter aircraft, the Super Hornet has a twin engine and is carrier capable. Héroux-Devtek Inc. is a key global supplier for the aerospace field. 

In recognition of this feat, Héroux-Devtek Inc. sent our team a postcard and an engraved Vision 2020 trophy. As an industry leader in landing gear solutions, Heroux Devtek specializes in design, development, manufacturing, repairing and overhauling of landing gear and other aerospace products in North America and Europe. The Canton Drop Forge team is appreciative of this achievement and more committed than ever to continuing our legacy of unparalleled service and excellence in forging technology.



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