Cross Forging

Cross forgings are a type of fitting used to join pipes, shafts, and other conductive components, like the kind used in high pressure pumping equipment. Because they serve such a critical function, they must be able to hold up to the most demanding conditions, day in and day out.


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Our Cross Forging Process

To guarantee the integrity of each and every component when it matters most, we start with alloy steel, that is forged to promote continuous grain flow, absent of end-grain. Cross forgings are then normalized, quenched, and tempered at our in house heat treating facility, and tested in our lab to ensure the highest capabilities.

The proof is in the numbers. Cross forged steel has an average tensile strength well over 100,000 psi (100 ksi) and is capable of resisting creep, or deformation, when exposed to temperatures as high as 1,000℉.

High-stakes production calls for high-performance equipment, and no one understands this better than Canton Drop Forge.

With more than a century of experience in industrial forging, a tenure that includes major contracts and innovations in the railway, off-highway, aerospace, and defense sectors, we have the means and the know-how to help you keep your operations running safely and efficiently.

Our products are built to withstand pressure, and not just figuratively—all of our standard and custom forgings come certified for having met the criteria of their respective oilfields’ Pressure Equipment Directive (PED).


Cross forging

How Is a Cross Forging Used?

Within the oil and gas industry, cross forgings are most commonly used to connect the linear components that make up oil pressure pumping equipment. Their strength and resilience provide security you can count on and promote peace of mind throughout countless hours of repetitive mechanical action.

When fashioned and installed properly, a cross forging plays a major role in preventing equipment failure and leaks. These sorts of accidents are not only costly but can also result in hazardous work conditions and environmental damage.


Bring the Quality of Canton Drop Forge Steel to Your Worksite

At Canton Drop Forge, we specialize in custom oilfield forging designed to suit a variety of oil and gas production initiatives. Along with cross forgings, we also offer lateral forgings, pinions, and fluid end components that can help you see the job through from start to finish.

Get in touch with us today to request a free quote or find out more about cross forged pumping equipment products and how they can benefit your operations.