Off-Shift Safety Month

Most people in this country think of work hours as the daylight hours from around 8am in the morning until 5pm or so in the evening. However, for various reasons, many employees work a non-standard or “off-shift” schedule.

Working “off” hours can expose employees to several additional safety hazards such as increased fatigue, poor lighting, limited supervision, isolation and temperature extremes. “Off-shift” workers tend to have less seniority and experience. Many times, the “off-hours” are used to accomplish unusual tasks that cannot be accomplished during the day shift. Inadequate communication between shifts can lead to misunderstanding of work status.

Canton Drop Forge is asking employees to recognize these hazards and make an extra effort to stay safe.

Employees should ensure that they get enough sleep, wear appropriate cold weather clothing, maintain a healthy diet, ask for help if unsure of proper work methods and above all “…maintain a culture where safe procedures are followed and taking zero chances, all the time, every day, every shift, even when no one is watching.”


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