Canton Drop Forge Offers Parts Machining for One-Stop Finished Components

At Canton Drop Forge, we have the parts machining capabilities for large, complex forgings using either our own resources or those through partnerships with a host of local machine shops with whom we have close alliances.

We can provide precision CNC parts machining of complex shapes for medium- to large-size parts in steel, stainless steel, , titanium, Inconel and other alloys, mostly for the aerospace market. We also have full access to internal and external turning and boring capacity for rough turning or final parts machining of round shapes.

We offer these services to help our customers who desire to reduce costs, off-load capacity or focus on their core competencies, such as engineering and final assembly.

Canton Drop Forge has recently worked with a major aerospace provider of aircraft wheels and brakes to rough-machine and fully heat-treat forgings prior to the customer’s final parts machining and assembly, saving inventory carrying costs and more. This opportunity has made space available to the customer for final machining and assembly.

How Does Forged Parts Machining Work?

The forging process involves heating metal to a high temperature and using hammers or presses to deform the metal into a die. The metal is struck repeatedly with hammers, or squeezed under high pressure with presses, into the desired shape. Usually the forging is a rough shape requiring further machining.

Canton Drop Forge can provide rough machined parts, or final machined parts through the use CNC parts machining to reduce the customer’s lead times and costs.

Choose Canton Drop Forge

for CNC Parts Machining

If you’re in need of rough machined parts or precision CNC parts machining, we want to be your partner. Canton Drop Forge is a top manufacturer and supplier for custom forging markets & industries that require forged parts and parts machining for high performance and reliability, such as the aerospace industry. We have been in business for more than 100 years and have been at the forefront of many innovative industries, including forgings for aerospace, defense, railroads, power generation, off-highway, construction, mining, and wind power. Discover what Canton Drop Forge can do for your business. Contact our forging experts today to discuss solutions that will result in quality parts for your specific needs.


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