U.S. Army Hawk Missile Parts

We're honored to provide custom forged parts for the U.S. Army Hawk. Canton Drop Forge is home to military parts like AFT and forward closures. We pride ourselves on delivering the best forgings for the defense industry, and we ensure that our components are produced with the highest quality. See how our missile parts differ by requesting a quote today!


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When it comes to military parts, it’s crucial that all components are made to the defense industries exacting requirements. The military industry is built around dependability, and weaponry is no exception to that concept. That’s why U.S. MIM-23 Hawk missiles call for the best in forged missile parts.

Made in America, the MIM-23 Hawk is a Surface-to-Air missile (SAM) produced by Raytheon. It first entered the U.S. Army service in 1959 and the United States Marine Corps in 1960.

Originally, the Hawk was designed to attack low-to-medium flying aircraft. In 1995, the missile received its most recent upgrade — an advanced warhead to improve the Hawk’s missile defense system capabilities, allowing it to guard against short-range tactical missiles.

While there are various forms of the Hawk, it currently stands at nearly 17 feet high with a 14.5-inch diameter. Iit has a range of almost 28 miles and features a solid-fuel rocket engine and utilizes a semi-active radar homing guidance system as well.

US Army Hawk Missile

At Canton Drop Forge, we’re dedicated to supplying U.S. Army Hawk missiles with top-quality AFT closures and forward closures. We are a leader in military and defense industry forgings, and we take pride in our premium missile parts. Let our experts show you our forging capabilities today!