Closed Die Forgings

When the need arises for high-performance metal parts for critical applications, forgings will provide the needed high strength, dependability, reliability and peace-of-mind.

Drop forging is a process where metal is pressed or pounded with a hammer to refine and provide directional flow to the grain structure of the metal to improve physical properties. Forgings are almost always used where reliability and human safety are critical for parts used in markets such as aerospace, missiles, off-highway construction and mining, power generation, high-pressure oil field applications and the like.

When compared to castings, die forgings provide better strength, ductility, and toughness. A casting has neither the grain flow nor directional strength provided with a forging. Dendritic structures, alloy segregations and porosity found in a casting are refined in forging.

There are several types of forgings and processes, including closed-die forgings, open-die forgings, ring-rolling, and other forging methods. Each of these methods offers different benefits and nuances that can impact the final part. Different manufacturers may specialize in different forms of forgings, so knowing the differences and advantages of the different processes is important.

What are Closed-Die Forgings?

In the closed-die or impression-die forging process, upper and lower dies are configured to the dimensional specifications of the part and a metal billet is then hammered or pressed between the dies after being heated to specified temperatures.

Other Advantages of Closed-Die Forgings

For higher volume production, closed-die forgings have a decisive cost advantage over open-die forgings. Less machining is needed after forging since metal is being forged between two dies that contain the impression of the part. Complex shapes can be forged in the closed-die forging process in parts weighing a few pounds up to many tons.

Canton Drop Forge is a worldwide leader in the closed-die forging industry. We have over 100 years of experience in forging and maintaining a strong reputation in the aerospace, off-highway and mining, power generation, transportation and oilfield markets. Contact us today to learn how we can produce cost-efficient and durable closed die forgings for your project.


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