Torque Tube Aircraft Braking Systems

Every plane needs to fly. And for obvious safety reasons, it’s just as important for it to be able to land safely too. That’s why a good braking and torque tube system in the aircraft is essential.


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The Torque Tube

An aircraft torque tube is a vital component of a plane’s braking system. Attached to the housing piston, the torque tube goes in the hole of the brake disc. When employed, the pistons press the brake discs to the torque tube which absorbs the torsional stress and releases heat.

In order to withstand the pressure, a torque tube system in the aircraft must be forged with the proper materials, like steel. Additionally, these torque tubes need to be crafted with exact specifications.

Canton Drop Forge not only has the ability to provide forged torque tubes but can also offer complete machined and final heat treated parts to your specifications.

Custom Aerospace Forging Solutions

If you need a custom forged aircraft torque tube, contact Canton Drop Forge today. We can also offer complete machined and final heat-treated parts to your specifications. Our expertise with aerospace forgings of all kinds ensures that we’ll complete the project precisely for your application.