CDF Forging Information

Canton Drop Forge is committed to providing our customers with information about forging and our forging processes. Learn about the history of forging and some of the new techniques and technology that continues to fuel the industry.

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Why a Forging?

Learn about the closed die forging process and its advantages over other metal forming processes.

Steel Forging Glossary Terms

Learn about important forging terminology throughout the workflow that you would expect to come across during a project.

Turbine Forging for Power Generation

Learn how turbine engines play a significant role in the power generation and aerospace industries and how CDF can forge products for your custom turbine project.

Canton Drop Forge FAQs

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the closed die forging process and workflow.

Forging Aerospace Products

Learn about Canton Drop Forge and our involvement in the aerospace industry, forging aircraft landing gear, helicopter parts, and more.